Mickey Mayhew Author

Mickey Mayhew is an author and historian from London, working mainly on Mary Queen of Scots, Anne Boleyn, and the Romanovs; he has a PhD focusing on the online ‘tragic queen cult’ surrounding Mary and Anne. He wrote ‘The Little Book of Mary Queen of Scots’ (published by The History Press) in 2014 and then ‘I love the Tudors’ (published by Pitkin Publishing) in 2016. ‘House of Tudor – A Grisly History’ and ‘Imprisoning Mary Queen of Scots – The Men Who Kept the Stuart Queen’ were released by Pen & Sword Books in 2022. ‘Rasputin and his Russian Queen – The True Story of Grigory and Alexandra’, will be released in March 2023, with ‘The Anne Boleyn Bible’ due in August.
Previously to this, he was co-author on three books relating to Jack the Ripper, whilst fictional work includes the urban fantasy trilogy ‘The Barrow Boys of Barking’, beginning with ‘Jack and the Lad’ and concluding, for now, with ‘Jamie’s Big Bang’. His tongue-in-cheek memoir ‘Mickeypedia’ is also now available, with all proceeds going to the Anna Kennedy Online autism charity.